"I Guess My Race Is Run..." (1/23/04)

Stop! Wait! Proceed no further if you want to avoid any and all spoilers for the Super Bowl, February 1st's highly-anticipated collection of ultra-pricey television commercials (interrupted occasionally by some sort of irrelevant athletic competition). It may still be over a week away, but details are already dribbling out about some of the ads-- including the minute-long spot that Pepsi has lined up to kick off its 10 million-song iTunes Music Store promotional giveaway. We've already received mail from several viewers upset at having the surprise ruined elsewhere on the 'net (come in off the ledge, guys; we swear there's more to live for), so we're being extra careful to warn you folks just in case you're trying to go into Super Bowl Sunday as a blank slate.

Abandon all surprise, ye who enter here. Seriously, if you can't bear the thought of knowing what's coming, go check out Rockwood for a little while or something.

...Are they gone? Okay, the rest of you, here's the skinny: according to USA Today, the Pepsi-iTMS Marvel Team-Up commercial is reportedly going to star none other than about twenty of those teenagers who have been sued by the Recording Industry Association of America for illegally downloading pirated music. 14-year-old Annie Leith, who settled her suit to the tune of about three grand, holds up a Pepsi and announces, "we are still going to download music for free off the Internet." Then come the details about the 100 million winning bottle caps, etc. that you've all known about since mid-October. Set all this to the musical stylings of Green Day covering "I Fought the Law," and you've got a pretty good idea of what to expect. (We're guessing Pepsi couldn't get the rights to use the Clash version, so they opted for a sort of Clash Lite.)

Cute, right? And probably pretty effective at reaching its target audience, given that the RIAA lawsuits are national news. As long as you don't think about it too hard, this sounds like a winner of an ad: funny, topical, and giving away free stuff. Of course, if you do think about it too hard, then you'll notice that the message is actually pretty depressing: there's a bunch of kids hawking sugar water to pay for their RIAA fines and announcing that they're now going to play by the rules while a formerly-indie, now-major-label band sings "I fought the law and the law won." Not exactly the establishment-busting spirit of the 1984 ad, is it?

But hey, that's why we try not to think too hard about things. So let's move on to the real question, here: will Annie Leith be the next Ellen Feiss? Well, she's already got the "Bad Girl" thing going for her, and she's even more underage than Ellen was (and we all know how much the creepy 'net-stalker folks love that), but we figure it all depends entirely on how much Benadryl Annie took before the shooting. Stay tuned!

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The above scene was taken from the 1/23/04 episode:

January 23, 2004: What better way to celebrate the Mac's 20th birthday than with a report of an exploding Dell laptop? Meanwhile, details emerge about Pepsi's iTMS giveaway commercial slated to run during the Super Bowl, and some lucky drinkers report already having won free songs even though the promotion doesn't start for over another week...

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