Let Them Eat Cake (8/22/97)

"As The Apple Turns" doesn't need writers, as long as the players keep talking the way they do. For a bizarre example of one Apple executive's "ivory tower" assessment of the cloning fracas, read MacInsider's August 22nd Exclusive. Key excerpt: "The Apple logo is synonymous with affluence and technology. Mac clones are eroding this Apple image. We must maintain our independence as a company and as a platform." Sound like a snippet from an old "Dynasty" teleplay? Apparently at least this one Apple exec wants Macintosh to be "The Computer The Rest Of Us Can't Afford."

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The above scene was taken from the 8/22/97 episode:

August 22, 1997: These are the practice entries that were created when AtAT's substructure was being built. There was a lot going in the world of Apple in those days...

Other scenes from that episode:

  • 1: Some Jabs at Jobs (8/22/97)   MacNN refers to a Fortune article that outlines how meaningless the Apple-Microsoft deal really is. There are some interesting digs at the deal's orchestrator, Steve Jobs: "...Apple isn't out of the woods yet...

  • 2: Undercover in Austin (8/22/97)   Meanwhile, MacOS Rumors reports that Steve Jobs, the puppetmaster himself, has been seen skulking around Austin, Texas. Ostensibly he's there on a random visit to Apple facilities in the area. While Austin is the home of "troubled" clonemaker Power Computing, our more gullible viewers are sure to think it's just a coincidence...

  • 3: Joel Wanted a Jihad (8/22/97)   And speaking of Power Computing, let's take a peek behind the scenes of our fave cloner... Macintouch quotes a Businessweek article in which it's revealed that Joel Kocher, the former COO of Power, had urged a "war" on Apple in a board meeting a couple of weeks ago...

  • 4: First CHRP, Now PPC 750 (8/22/97)   Just to make matters worse for the cloners, Apple has clarified that its decision not to certify any CHRP machines extends to a cert ban on PPC 750 (aka G3 Arthur) systems, as well, so says MacWeek. The drama continues, as Power Computing prepares to ship its PowerTower Pro G3 next week in staunch rebellion of Apple's mandate...

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