Free Eats AND Free Tunes (4/21/04)

Just a friendly reminder, folks: the iTunes Pepsi promo ended a few weeks back, and you've only got another week or so before the redemption period ends, so don't forget to download any remaining free songs before May hits. That is, assuming you got any winning caps in the first place; we heard from plenty of viewers who didn't spot their first yellow game caps until about a week before the two-month promotion officially ended. All told, it wasn't the most well-run promo in the history of such things. Here's hoping the new Ben & Jerry's counterpart runs a little more smoothly.

Yes, that's right; we said Ben & Jerry's, those lovable ice cream pushers from Vermont. Faithful viewer Frozen Tundra was first to point us toward a MacMinute article which reports that those Chunky Monkeys are planning to give away 50,000 free iTunes Music Store tracks about a week from now. In a side promo tied to its long-standing "Free Cone Day" promotion, this coming Tuesday, visitors to the company's web site will reportedly be able to take an online "Oath to Vote," and the first 50,000 to do so will receive a code for a free iTMS download right then and there.

Granted, 50,000 free songs may look a little skimpy next to the 100 million tracks that Pepsi was giving away, especially since this is a one-song-per-person kinda deal. But consider the pluses: your free song is really free, since you don't have to buy a bottle of sugar water to get it; all you have to do is promise to vote. Plus, you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home (yet), since the promise is made online. You certainly don't have to worry about whether Pepsi's gotten around to shipping yellow caps to your neck of the woods, either. In short, you can get one free song with no strings attached, other than a promise that you'll get off the couch and go vote for someone once November rolls around-- and with six months to work up the momentum, we bet you can do it. Such a deal!

And so the second of what we hope will be a long line of iTMS cross-promotions is nearly upon us. As far as size and visibility are concerned, it's no McDonald's promo, but in our eyes it's about a zillion times cooler. And don't forget: if there's a Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop near you, the 27th is also Free Cone Day; you should never pass up a chance for free eats, particularly of the dessert variety.

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The above scene was taken from the 4/21/04 episode:

April 21, 2004: Apple makes noises hinting that PowerBooks may not go G5 for over a year yet. Meanwhile, Linspire (formerly Lindows) copies everything about iTunes and iPhoto except for their good looks, and now that the Pepsi-iTunes promo is over, it's time to line up for a free song from Ben & Jerry's...

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  • 4644: What's One More Year? (4/21/04)   Remember, kiddies, the important thing to remember amid all this PowerBook G5 hubbub is not to panic. Losing your cool and plunging five stories off a nearby rooftop won't get you a portable G5 any faster, unless of course there are G5 PowerBooks in the afterlife, which is a possibility we haven't yet ruled out completely, but which we still classify as highly unlikely at best...

  • 4645: Equal Opportunity Offender (4/21/04)   We readily admit it: we used to root for the desktop Linux guys over at Lindows because they were embroiled in a fierce legal battle with Microsoft over the use of their company name. For a while it even looked remotely possible that Microsoft could lose its whole "Windows" trademark if a court agreed that "window" was a generic term for those rectangular thingies on computer screens before Microsoft ever shipped Windows 1.0...

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