A Trade-In To Trade Up (12/24/03)

Christmas Eve is just about over down here at the AtAT compound, folks, so we've got to clear off soon to make room for the jolly fat guy, just in case he's bringing us new iPods or something. But we've got to pass on just one last quick little present to the PowerBook owners out there before we go drench ourselves in nog; got an older PowerBook G4 that's showing its age? Is lugging around a hunk of titanium causing people to point at you and giggle because you're sporting last year's metal? Do you crave a screen so huge that it can't help but draw attention away from your crippling lack of self-esteem? Well, great news! Think Secret reports that Apple is running a low-key trade-in program through March 27th.

Apparently this isn't a rumor, folks, but a real, confirmed thing. If you call AppleCare at (800) 275-2273, you can get details on this "pilot program," which basically lets you trade in your older PowerBook G4 for a $700 credit towards a new 15-inch or 17-inch AlBook. Provided your old 'Book isn't in really rough shape (it can't have been dropped, have a cracked display or other accidental damage, or had anything spilled on it-- no word about sending it in packed full of peanut butter, however), you can score a brand new replacement for as little as $1,299. The only bummer is that, for some reason, you can't get this deal on a new 12-inch model. It's probably the government's fault.

We should note that Apple has done things like this before; we got our current Pismo PowerBook back when Apple ran an unadvertised trade-in deal to get those yucky Amelio-era PowerBook 5300s and 190s out of the field. That was a particularly sweet deal, because you could send in a 5300 or 190 in any condition; the one we sent was literally in pieces, and yet it scored us $700 off a then-almost-state-of-the-art 400 MHz Pismo. The whole swap process went perfectly smoothly (Apple sends you a box to ship back your gear) and days later we were Pismoing up a storm. So if this deal really is legit and you don't mind getting a $700 trade-in on a PowerBook you probably shelled out almost three grand for in the first place (depreciation sucks, doesn't it?), we say go for it. Odds are you'll be glad you did.

Ho ho ho, Merry PowerBooks!

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The above scene was taken from the 12/24/03 episode:

December 24, 2003: Analysts are saying that Apple has to get on the stick and compete with Media Center PCs; time to bring back the Mac TV! Meanwhile, a CNN/Money columnist gives us all the heebie-jeebies by proposing that Motorola buy Apple, and Apple launches a quiet trade-in deal allowing owners of older PowerBook G4s to get $700 off a brand new model...

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