The Man In Demand (6/14/00)

Jonesing for a dose of that live, in-person, unfiltered-by-streaming-media Reality Distortion Field action? Hey, who isn't? But fear not-- the Stevenotes are stacking up fast and fierce. We're only about a month away from the annual Macworld Expo throwdown in the Big Apple, and as you all know, Steve's scheduled to amaze and delight us all. So unless his personal ceiling height requirements change between now and July 19th (or New York is annexed back into the British Empire), the odds of everyone's fave iCEO cancelling at the last second are pretty slim. The AtAT staff will be there with bells on, basking in the irradiating glory of whatever bizarre alien mind-bending energy Mr. Jobs exudes at these things. (We're thinking about bringing along a geiger counter just for curiosity's sake.)

For those of you tethered to the other coast, don't expect us to feel sorry for you. After all, you get Steve at the big Macworld Expo in January. And as if that weren't enough, now it looks like you'll have another shot to witness the Magic Called Steve: according to MacWEEK, no one's made an official announcement yet, but Jobs will also be delivering a keynote address at Seybold San Francisco this August. That shouldn't come as any particular surprise, given that Seybold SF is a traditional venue for Mr. Steve's Wild Ride. Last year, you'll recall, he waxed eloquent about gigaflops and twenty-two inches of pure digital heaven as he unveiled the Power Mac G4 and the Apple Cinema Display.

In fact, if anything, it's the East Coast that should be getting all the sympathy. After all, when was the last time Steve spoke at Seybold Boston? It sure didn't happen this past February, we can tell you that much. Then again, we shouldn't be complaining either; we're sure the vast majority of our viewing audience is 100% geographically and/or financially Steve-challenged, so we'll count our blessings. And thank heavens for the joy of webcasting-- because a smeary, pixellated Steve is better than no Steve at all.

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The above scene was taken from the 6/14/00 episode:

June 14, 2000: Can't catch Steve in New York next month? Cheer up-- you'll get another chance at Seybold San Francisco in August. Meanwhile, disturbing rumors of a Microsoft buyout of Bungie float across the ether, even as the Redmond giant files some lengthy briefs in its bid to avoid a breakup...

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  • 2357: Scariest Thing Yet (6/14/00)   So you thought Bill in a sweater was scary? Well, if you're a fan of Mac games, there's a rumor going around that's about a kajillion times worse. Microsoft has been messing with the Mac platform for a long time now, and for the most part we at AtAT have rolled with the punches, but this time it's all-out war...

  • 2358: The Briefs That Aren't (6/14/00)   Our brains are on overload, what with this sudden flurry of activity on "Redmond Justice" of late. There have been more briefs flying around on that show than on the Spice Channel. (Er, so we're told.)...

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