Bobbing for Apples (10/31/99)

And so passes our first Halloween in AtAT's new digs-- and it was a scary one, to be sure, by virtue of our continuing foray into the sticky world of wallpaper removal. Haunted house, schmaunted house; the scariest structure has a living room with walls covered with glue and a scheduled furniture delivery in less than two weeks. As for the trick-or-treating, it turned out that the six pounds of Smarties and Dum-Dums we bought to dole out to the local populace was way too much candy for what few kidlings showed up. So when we answered the door (dressed in our Wild-Eyed Glue-Covered Psycho costumes), we held the enormous bowl of candy in front of the excited kids and told them each to take a fistful. Oh, you can just imagine the squeals of delight. Don't you love this holiday?

Unfortunately, since this was a weekend of scraping disgusting glue off of the walls, we didn't log much Mac time this Halloween. But we're in luck; AtAT's terrific viewing audience stepped in to fill the void with lots of Mac-related fun this All Hallow's Eve. Take, for example, the funky Blueberry iBook costume concocted by faithful viewer Aaron Swartz and his family. (Aaron and his clan also pulled off a well-executed iMac costume last year.) Attention to detail is everything, and you'll find scads of it in this iBook costume, from the Disney Blast CD-ROM preloaded in the drive to the "i was assembled by Mom" caption emblazoned on the underside. What's so scary about a Blueberry iBook, you ask? Well, scope out the pictures and it'll hit you; if you think Apple's iBook is too big and bulky for a laptop computer, you'll find the scaled-up proportions of the Swartz iBook downright terrifying. Well done, folks!

But even as an oversized iBook was roaming your town hitting you up for treats, you may have experienced your own little Halloween-related Mac sighting while preparing for the onslaught of sugar-crazed costumed kiddies. Faithful viewer Bryan was "dumping bags of candy into the trick-or-treat bowl" when a slip of paper fluttered out. Apparently Mars, Inc. is having some contest where you can win a ton of free candy or something, and guess what kind of computer is sitting on the candy-stuffed desk in the picture? None other than a Blueberry iMac, of course. Hey, Apple hired candy-makers as consultants when formulating the iMac's translucent shell, so is it any surprise?

Lastly, what Halloween would be complete without a Mac-o-lantern? Last year we had the Plus and Classic models from Lori Andrew and Eddie Jackson of MacExchange, as well as the more organic stylings of Joe Puente's rendition, which reminds you that "All Great Pumpkins Wear This Face." This year there's a new masterpiece, hacked by a knife-wielding Samantha Lynn out of an orange gourd-like thing. Bet you didn't know that iMacs were now available in Pumpkin as well as Tangerine, right? And even Apple got into the act, replacing the product images on the Apple home page with their own digitally-created Mac-o-lantern; we missed it, but luckily the Mac Observer saved a screenshot. Thanx to all the AtAT viewers who injected a bit of Mac magic into our Halloween. :-)

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The above scene was taken from the 10/31/99 episode:

October 31, 1999: It's All Hallow's Eve, when the Macs come out to claim the souls of the unwary. Meanwhile, a security problem in Mac OS 9 leaves potentially sensitive data accessible by anyone who can click a "Cancel" button, and Apple sends Jesse Berst a Graphite iMac for free, while the Mac faithful still wait for their pre-orders...

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  • 1879: Don't Tell Mommy (10/31/99)   Let's see, Mac OS 9's been out for all of a week now, and already people are starting to find some potentially serious security holes. Faithful viewer Justin noted a problem with the new operating system's "Console Lock" feature, as reported by Security Focus...

  • 1880: Bersting With Joy (10/31/99)   Remember when ZDNet's Jesse Berst, that longtime Wintel-using Apple-bashing pundit, recently voiced his intense frustration at the "constant crashes" and "inconsistent interfaces" of Windows? He even went so far as to say that he was strongly considering switching to an iMac...

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