Trick or Treat! (10/24/98)

Over the last several days, many of you wrote in to ask if we had seen the Foxtrot comic strip from a couple of days ago, in which Jason Fox contemplates dressing up as an iMac for Halloween. We most certainly had seen it-- in fact, it had us rolling on the floor-- but at the time, it had not yet been posted to the official Foxtrot web site, so we though we'd hold off on mentioning it until we could actually link to it. NoBeige, however, found another site who had already posted it, so now it's yours to enjoy in electronic format. We think it's funny enough that we're considering buying a $40 framed reproductions for the office when it becomes available.

Now, humor notwithstanding, the iMac could indeed be this year's hot costume-- if it didn't present such a tough challenge to reproduce. In fact, there was a posting to the EvangeList recently from a subscriber who wanted to dress his 11-year-old as an iMac, with his 7-year-old being the mouse-- but since the initial request for sewing pattern suggestions hit the airwaves a couple of weeks ago, we haven't seen any followups. And no wonder, since it'd be tough to reproduce the iMac's swooping curves and translucent mix of textures with enough accuracy for the result to be recognizable. We at AtAt are hoping, however, that someone tackles the challenge, and sends us photos of the results.

Of course, if you're going for really scary, it's pretty easy to beat a home computer with no floppy drive; how about an operating system where you click the "Start" button to shut down the computer? Aiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

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The above scene was taken from the 10/24/98 episode:

October 24, 1998: It's autumn, meaning it's time to wave bye-bye to the sun and hello to HFS+ file weirdness when your Macs goes off Daylight Savings Time. Meanwhile, people are looking at the iMac as the model for the ultimate Halloween costume...

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  • 1100: Fall Back, and Behind (10/24/98)   Ah, autumn... that magical time of the year when the leaves turn majestic shades of yellow, red, and orange. When a bracing nip in the air puts a zing in one's step. When a new fall television season rescues us from a seemingly interminable sentence of summer reruns...

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